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The idea of the Back Porch is this: It is a place where people can sit and talk.  Inside the door is the church - in our case, Covenant Fellowship in Greensboro.  We, the church, are a community of people with a distinct set of beliefs and values, a specific worldview we believe to represent the truth of things.  We are a worshiping community.  We come and go from our assembling together via the Back Porch.  We go off into the world.  The Back Porch represents our interaction with the people of the world who likely do not share our basic beliefs and worldview.  It is a place where we can meet with our neighbors.  It represents a place where we as Christians can converse and interact with non Christians.  The things on the Back Porch represent stuff we have in common with other human beings in our day and time.  As believers we live in the same physical environment with our neighbors.  We both are engaged in work and vocation.  We both may well listen to the same music.  We both are concerned with educating our children.  We both see movies.  We both follow baseball.  We both read literature.  We both live in Greensboro.  In other words, the things on the porch represent experiences we share with non Christians.  They are are all areas of commonality.  They are part of that large "zone" of common grace.  They are the places where the rain falls on the just and unjust.  In some senses they are the rain that falls.  Most of us get to know other people via one of these areas we share in common with them.  Through the various ways we approach these things, they get to know us and we get to know them.

We welcome you to the Back Porch and hope you will come again soon to this space of common interests.

Back Porch Art by Mark Ferencik 1998