Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
A Crown of Thorns

A Song by Edward Waters
(Copyright © September 1997)

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He is Lord of all that ever was; He is Lord of what will be.[1]
He is holiness,[2] the peerless King of all Eternity.[3]
Yet that we might come again to God, God came in our own form,[4]
Shed His coronet of glory for a crown of thorns.

And His words brought forth healing,[5] and they calmed a storm at sea.[6]
With His words He taught as none before, with true authority.[7]
But the dearest Truth was hidden till the Word-made-Flesh[8] was torn
By a lash,[9] a nail,[10] a spear,[11] and a crown of thorns.[12]

The Word was torn by a crown of thorns:  How deep a mystery!
This death and shame it was for which He came,[13] yet preaching life and victory.[14]

He had but to speak and Heaven's hosts would have rushed to His defence, [15]
But He held His tongue[16] that He should save His people from their sins.[17]
Like a lamb[18] led to the slaughter,[19] all our sorrow He has borne,[20]
Dying naked on a cross[21] but for a crown of thorns.

Our curse was worn as a crown of thorns:  How deep a mystery!
Our death and shame His own became, the price of life and victory.[22]

He was pierced for our transgressions; by His scourging we were healed;[23]
And, like long before, in stone once more God's covenant was sealed.[24]
But the world forgot His promise, and felt only grief or scorn
At the memory of a Saviour in a crown of thorns.

A gift of scorn was that crown of thorns:[25]  How deep a mystery!
How could death and shame release what they had claimed and turn to life and victory?

In the darkness ere the morning lightning lit the land like day![26]
The abode of death was filled with Life, and the stone was rolled away![27]
Then the Lord of Life strode forth![28]  And in that moment were reborn
All who yield to Him their rags of pride and their crowns of thorns![29]

To be reborn for a crown of thorns:  How deep is this mystery!
For death and shame in Christ became our life and victory![30]
All that we hold dear in this mortal sphere are but rags and twisted briers.
Cast off all your shame and be clothed in His name!  His life and victory are ours![31]

He is Lord of all that ever was; He is Lord of what will be!
He is holiness, the peerless King of all Eternity!
Now that we may come again to God who came in our own form,
Let our voices rise and sing!  Let the highest Heavens ring
With our worship of the King who has worn a crown of thorns!



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