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Grey Wind
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If I were a prophet,
       I'd bring you a word
From on high which I alone had heard.
But I am no prophet,
       and my words have been
Said before by more worthy men.

If I were a wise man
and skilled in my trade,
I'd fashion wisdom so never to fade.
But my skill is meagre,
       and of those who hear
But few will hold my offering dear.

If I were a leader, I'd move to the fore
That they who followed me
       might find their way once more.
But I am a blind man
       guided by a Friend
Who leads from beside and within.

I am but a bard of the Grey Wind,
A voice mingling sorrow and joy;
Both weighting the heart
       and lifting the wing,
I will sing.

Copyright © 1991 by Edward Waters



Heartfelt thanks

       ...to Joel Gillespie, former pastor of Covenant Fellowship -- whose was the original vision of this website -- for his friendship, enthusiasm regarding my work, initiative, and perseverance.
       ...to the elders of Covenant Fellowship, for sharing and supporting Joel's vision, and for their personal encouragement.
       ...to Steadman Harrison, for his considerable expertise and generous, voluntary labours in the technical details of constructing the site, and for his patience (which I did my best to tax) concerning my eccentricities and pickiness.
       ...to Alyssa Harrison, for her hospitality and kindness, and for the sacrifice of her husband's time.
       ...to Benjy Johnson, owner of Earthtones Recording Studio (Greensboro, NC), for seeing me through the exhausting process of recording seven songs in a single day, when I was already weary at the outset.
       ...to the many souls who, either in person or through the legacy of their thought and work, have helped to guide and mold me for the better through the years.
       ...and, most of all, to Cindy, my beloved wife; my best friend; the other half of my soul; God's sunbeam to me in the darkness; who taught me joy; who loved me and stood by me through so much darkness of her own; and who, simply by being my wife, reminds me every day of God's own love and incalculable grace.