Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
General Writings by Edward Waters

The Lost Child
'The worst condemnation of all would be for Him to give us over to what we think we want,
              and it is perhaps the greatest proof of His love that He keeps trying not to do so.'

Above All Shadows:  J.R.R. Tolkien and the Christian Hope
       'It may for a time obscure, but Darkness can never be the Truth.'

Quiet Strength:  Defying the Din to Hear God
       'Our discordant world, our technological age, our harried lives, our very hearts are filled with noise. 
              And God will seldom shout.'

The Christmas Spirit
He who by His very Being humbles all things somehow became the definition of humility itself.'


Invisible as the Wind:  A Case for Meekness
       'We are to do what we do because we see with different eyes.'

WEBLOGS ('Blogs')

Rambles of One Windborn(e)
       (Devotional writing old and new, song lyrics, and works-in-progress on a life of faith)

When the Sky Draws Close
       (Poetry and short reflections, less overtly devotional but with glimpses of the Waking World)


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