Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
Favourite Links

       The following links are provided for enrichment or enjoyment .  To our knowledge and sensibilities, there was nothing overtly objectionable in any of these at the time the list was compiled.  The inclusion of a website here, however, does not imply full endorsement of all it may contain, be the subject matter sacred or secular.  If a man offers friendship only to those who agree with him fully on every issue, he will find he has shunned even God.

Free Christian Educational Resources & Periodicals Online

Christianity Today Magazine
 The Cyber Hymnal
Over 4000 hymns, with lyrics, scores, MIDI recordings, and composer biographical notes.)           
Cyber Library (International School of Theology)
       (Multiple Bible translations and study aids.)
World Invisible Library
Philip Yancey Articles

Free Literary & Historical Studies Sites

The Literature Network
       (Complete texts of many classic works!)
Online Library of Literature
A Webliography of Sources on Medieval & Renaissance Literature
Augustine of Hippo
       (A page maintained by J.J. O'Donnell)
Augustine of Hippo: 'Quotes About Moving On'
       (A page maintained by Stephen Manuel)
The American Chesterton Society                   
Dante Alighieri on the Web
Into the Wardrobe
       (A website devoted to C.S. Lewis) 
The John Milton Reading Room                       
The Mythopoeic Society
       (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, & related authors & studies.)
Chaim Potok
The Walter Scott Digital Archive           
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Online
Shakespeare Online
The Tolkien Society                                         

Christian Educational Resources for Order

Christian Book Distributors                              
Mars Hill Audio Journal
(A bimonthly 'audio-magazine' featuring interviews, discussions, and critiques on contemporary news and culture from a thinking Christian perspective, much in the style of the NPR news programs 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered'.) 
Sound Word Associates 
       (Lectures, mostly audio, from L'Abri branches & conferences, CS Lewis Institute, etc.)

General Products for Order

Blackstone Audiobooks 
       (Very large selection of UNABRIDGED titles, for rent or for sale.)
Michael Noyes Calligraphy                             
The Teaching Company
       (Academic lectures, audio or video, by university professors on a wide range of topics.)
Upton Tea Imports                                          

Christian Ministries

Covenant Fellowship (Greensboro, NC)          
L'Abri Fellowship (Massachusetts Branch)     
Josh McDowell Ministries

Messianic Jewish Communications                   


BBC Online                                                    
Horne Creek Living Historical Farm     
North Carolina Shakespeare Festival               
The Piedmont Environmental Center                 
Renaissance Faires                                          
       Worldwide Directory
       Carolina Renaissance Festival             
The Summit Conference Center                      
The (London) Times Online                            
Marion E. Wade Center                                  

Cindy at L'Abri, Southborough, MA (Oct 1997)





Edward at Horne Creek Living Historical Farm (Oct 1999)





Edward at Carolina Renaissance Festival (Oct 2000)