Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind

My Compliments

[to Charles M. Schulz]

By Edward Waters
(Copyright © 29 August 1994)


In many ways
       I am your work.
So much of me
       took form with all the characters
       of little folk
       who found life by your pen.
My own art outgrew nursery scrawl
       by imitating yours --
       sketchings of
Doghouses and
Crooked smiles and
Grass like shorthand
       scribbling the horizon.
With such meek things I have inherited the earth:
       played its prelude on a toy piano,
       was co-pilot to a beagle in a scarf,
And even God
       first stirred me
Through a
       prophet, preaching
But mostly
There was this round-headed
       mirror to my soul
Which, held before me every day, revealed
       that I was not alone
And brought both tears and joy
       to parenthetic eyes.
It is a quiet wonder
That a face you never saw
You drew
       so skilfully,
       if shakily,
Within my panels.

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