Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
My Everything

A Song (an encore) by Edward Waters
(Copyright © August 1975)

It doesn't matter what fame I may acquire;
It makes no difference what praise I may inspire;
It doesn't matter what fortune I may gain;
Compared to Jesus, I count it nothing.[1]

It doesn't matter how well I may sing;
It makes no difference even what message I bring;
It doesn't matter what talents I may claim;
Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing.[2]

Father, don't let me forget:
On my own, my feet but stumble from the start.
Even now sometimes I stray from You; and yet,
Lord, You know the desire of my heart --

I don't care what this world may offer me,
For it’s only when I'm Yours that I am free;
So, whatever it takes, let me become
More like Jesus,[3] until He's my everything.


[1] Philippians 3:8

[2] John 15:5 [3] Romans 8:29


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