Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
Once, Walking Down a City Street

By Edward Waters
(Copyright © Summer 1988)

Once, walking down a city street,
       amidst the din, I stopped
So suddenly I caught Time unaware.
And as the crest of Present's wave
       upon the future dropped,
The Past flowed by, reversed before my stare.

I watched as towers were unbuilt,
       from rubble houses grew,
And these gave way to farm and river bed;
The farm became a forest deep . . .
       then suddenly I knew
My absence had been noticed far ahead.

As if upon a bullwhip's end,
       snapped forward through the years,
I watched the death of forest, field, and stream;
And as each sylvan sentry fell
       a horror reached my ears:
Their groans rushed by in one unbroken scream.


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