Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind

Pandora's Prize

By Edward Waters
(Copyright © 18 August 1994)

['. . . Hope.  It was the only good the casket had held
among the many evils . . .' --Edith Hamilton]


Even there
It lived
       and seemingly had long survived,
An alien
       amidst the undiluted bile
       which now burst forth upon the earth
       to mix with mortal life
       and so concoct
       and serve
       a drink called woe.
How many eons had it thus endured?
       Crushed beneath that wretched weight.
       Smothered by the putrid air.
       Violated by the seething darkness.
She thought it frail, and so it seemed
       when all was loosed
       and it alone remained.
But still
She held it fast,
       sensing its worth
       despite her fear and shame,
And so proved,
       if a little late,
       her wisdom.

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