Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
Song Lyrics by Edward Waters

Not Easy to Say (1975)

My Everything [an encore] (1975)

Reverence (1976)

Wait Upon God (1977)

I Will Walk in Thy Truth (1977)

Come Away (1978)

The Eternal Reminder (1980)

Psalm 84 (1980)

The Thing That Matters (1982)

The Hope That Comes From You (1983)

A Brother I Must Be (1988)

The Lord of My Life (1990)

Travellers (1990)

The Pilgrim and the Liar (1991)
[a narrative song from Luke 4.1-13 and Matthew 4.1-11]

A Crown of Thorns (1997)

The Prayer (2000)

The Shepherd of My Soul (2001)