Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind
The Shepherd of My Soul

A Song by Edward Waters
(Copyright © September 2001)

You are the Shepherd of my soul.[1]  You are my all-sufficient Lord:
You give me rest;[2] You give me strength; in You my spirit is restored.[3]
You are my Father[4] and my Friend,[5] the greatest comfort in my grief,[6]
The Love that heals my fear and shame,[7] within whose arms I find relief.[8]

Some men may say my faith is blind, but I see You are who You are:[9]
No god but God, no way but Truth.  Whatever comes, You're never far.[10]
When You put gladness in my heart, all shadows hasten to withdraw.[11]
You are gracious; You are God:[12]  You have my love; You have my awe![13]

You are the Shepherd of my soul.  O let me follow where You lead!
Yours is the Word by which I live, the only Voice I choose to heed.[14]
It is a lamp unto my feet.  It is a light unto my way.
My lips have sworn, my life shall prove, that I will hold to what You say.[15]

And should men ask what god I serve, I'll answer, 'He is who He is:[16]
No god but God, no way but Truth.  I'll live no life but one that's His.[17]
He is the Kindler of the Stars,[18] Master of All,[19] Ancient of Days;[20]
And no pretender to His throne shall stand one moment in His gaze!'[21]

There is a life that cannot start until what's dead has been entombed.[22]
There is a fire that ever burns, and yet its host is not consumed;
And he that turns to see this sight is nevermore the same.
I stand unshod on holy ground and hear a Voice within the Flame:[23]

'Though men will ask what god you serve, I Am Who I Am:[24]
No god but God, no way but Truth.  I hold all things in My hand.[25]
If you will trust now in My word, I'll teach you what to say[26] and do;[27]
Reach out in faith and see My power,[28] and know that I will be with you.'[29]

Lord, I have sworn, my life shall prove, that I will hold to what You say.
You are the Shepherd of my soul.



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