Edward Waters         Bard of the Grey Wind


A Song by Edward Waters
(Copyright © December 1990)

The road goes on before my feet and passes out of sight;
Though I am weary I press on and journey till the night.
I've heard it said, the paths we tread are all we leave behind.
The heavier my load, the harder road I seem to find;
So, like the One who went before, I'll set my treasures free,
And maybe they will mark the trail for those who follow me.

Through valleys dark and mountains cold where storms and hazards prey,
A solitary traveller can easily lose his way.
I've been alone, and I have known the deepest fear;
Without a guide, I've turned aside--and then I hear
A Voice in song not far ahead, and I find the path once more
And travel on behind the song, my hope and strength restored.

Some have chosen roads of doom, and some forsake the quest;
Some will travel far and wide but never find their rest.
Some have tried to say that every way will end as one,
But how can they know until their own journey is done?
Yet One who came and walked the same pathways which we roam
Has found the end, then returned again, and His singing leads me home.


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