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Mendenhall Road
The Mendenhall name goes back to very early days of the settlement of what is now GuilfordCounty. Perhaps most notable of the early Mendenhall Quakers was James Mendenhall, who came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania. About 1762 James settled in between what we call the west and east forks of the Deep river, having been granted 204 acres in his original land grant from the Earl of Granville, just above where the two forks converge to form the Deep River, an area currently under High PointLake. He was a miller and farmer, and established a grist mill and extensive farmlands in the rich bottomlands of the DeepRiver basin.
But it was actually James’ son George who founded present day Jamestown, which was named in honor of his father James, and which was formally incorporated after his death in the year 1812. George’s son Richard, who had gone back to Pennsylvania to learn the tanning trade, built both the present day Mendenhall Plantation house on main street in Jamestown, as well as the tannery building across the street in what is now High Point’s City Lake Park. The old Mendenhall homestead between the forks of the Deep River was buried by the waters of CityLakePark, though it is said that the foundations are still there under the water.
The Mendenhall family, along with many other Quakers in the Deep River Community, played a significant role in the underground railroad prior to the civil war.

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